Currently, there are several options for awnings on the market because we have awnings for every type of space. Being that, all of them have their characteristics depending on the context you want to use. Below, it is possible to find information about some of them fixed awnings, articulated arm awnings, articulated arm awnings type chest, vertical awnings, and pergolas.

The fixed awning is a welded frame that is permanently fixed to a wall and is characterized by being resistant and durable. Its resistance allows complete protection against the weather as it remains immobile throughout the year.

The articulated arm awnings are a folding awning system that, when extended or rolled up, keeps the awning fabric taut. This type of awnings offers a wide space of shade. They are custom-made, so there is no need to worry about the installation space. These types of awnings are more functional and manageable when opening and closing them. In the same line are the articulated arm cassette awnings that, as its name suggests, comes with an aluminum frame that protects the entire canvas, thus contributing to achieve longer life of the fabric.

Vertical awnings are models of awnings mounted in vertical positions that can have different functions, such as: covering windows, decoratively closing spaces, or protecting us from the sun. Their characteristics allow a year-round use (being resistant to heat, wind, and rain), obtaining an entrance of natural light from the outside, and allowing the usage of outdoor spaces throughout the year.

Pergolas are structures composed of columns on which a lattice structure of beams rests to create shade. This structure allows the reduction of the impact of solar radiation, creating a good atmosphere and allowing the protection of outdoor furniture from the sun and rain.

Despite the different types of awnings and their different types of characteristics, our Docril, Docril T, Docril FR, and Docril N fabrics are applicable for any awning depending on customer preferences.