Rainy season

Choose the best canvas for your awning

In this other entry, we want to highlight our article Docril N. With it, we want our client not only to associate it to Nautical but to get the most out of all its properties, and for this, we take it to extreme cases such as heavy rainfall and spaces near the sea (for healthiness, long exposure to the sun, high-temperature contrasts)

The versatility of all our products is one of the main characteristics, and Docril N is no exception. The properties of this 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric make our product an excellent solution, not only for boating but also for residential areas, hospitality, and public spaces. DOCRIL N can be applied to awnings, parasols, or pergolas. We recommend that this product be used in areas where there is a high incidence of rain or bad weather, as well as in areas close to the sea due to long exposures to the sun and temperature contrasts.

There are several factors that explain Docril N’s resistance to weathering and rain:

For areas close to the sea, DOCRIL N is also a Good soluction:

In conclusion, the characteristics of Docril N make it a versatile fabric capable of responding to the most diverse customer needs.